Hello world!

My name is Kari (pronounced Carrie) and I am here to write. I’d love it if you love me but if you don’t you don’t have to tell me! You can carry on and find the next blog that does, indeed, tickle your fancy! But if I happen to be what you may have been looking for then read on my friend! I’ll try to entertain, educate, inform, or entice your brain in some way as often as I can. I am a mommy first and foremost. To three crazy little girls and one sweet little boy. AND I home educate them ( most of them )… AND I am a stay at home Mama which means I NEVER ever stop working. Then there is my sweet husband, the LEO, Law Enforcement Officer. I love food and all things SOUTHERN! Born and raised in the South I feel a bit lost up here in the northern Midwest but we are making it work! I hope to inspire and encourage all who read and welcome feedback or a quick hello!

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